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The extensive catalogue of Soundspells CD releases is currently available through a number of online purchasing sources, including The physical CDs are distributed by Albany Music Distributors.

All Kupferman releases are gradually in process of being made available through digital download sources, such as the iTunes Music Store and A list of CD releases is provided below, along with a downloadable PDF of each CD booklet. For those that are currently available for digital downloads, a link is provided.

Music of Meyer Kupferman

CD101: Hayami Plays Kupferman [piano music]
A Little Ivory Concerto (1986); Quintet for Piano and Strings (1985)




CD102: Druckers Play Kupferman [clarinet music]
Triple Play (1980); Soundspells Fantasy (1986); Quartet for Clarinet and Strings (1983-85); Five Flings (1984); Four Double Features (1971)




CD103: Images of Chagall (Bronx Arts Ensemble and Cygnus Ensemble)
Images of Chagall  (1987); Summer Music (1987); Sound Phantoms #7 (1982)




CD104: Jazz Symphony/Challenger [orchestra music]
Jazz Symphony (1988); Challenger (1983)




CD105: Cello Music (Laszlo Varga)
Aristo Variations (1980); Night Voices (1980); Dark Orpheus (1982); Blue Sonata (1986)




CD107: The Proscenium: chamber opera (1991)





CD108: Quintets (Bronx Arts Ensemble)
Quintet for Bassoon and Strings (1947); Quintet for Clarinet and Strings (1988); O Harlequin (1988)




CD109: Ice Cream Concerto (1996) / Flavors of the Stars (1993) [chamber orchestra music]




CD110: The Moor's Concerto (1993; piano concerto) / Wings of the Highest Tower (1987) [orchestra music]




CD111: Orchestral Music, Vol. 1
Lyric Symphony (1955); Variations for Orchestra (1956); Ostinato Burlesco (1955); Concerto for Cello and Jazz Band (1962, rev. 1982)




CD112: Orchestral Music, Vol. 2
Libretto for Orchestra (1948); Divertimento for Orchestra (1948); Chamber Symphony (1950); Atto (1976); The Mask of Electra (1968)




CD113: Orchestral Music, Vol. 3
Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra (1993); Banners (1995)




CD114: Orchestral Music, Vol. 4
Hexagon Skies (1994; guitar concerto); Infinities Projections (1964)




CD115: Piano Music (Christopher Vassiliades)
Two Imprints (1990); Infinities Fantasy (1962); Partita (1949); Tiananmen Suite (1990); Cirrus (1989); Distances (1988); Pico (1975); The Canticles of Ulysses (1991)



CD117: Orchestral Music, Vol. 5  [chamber symphonies]
Masada (a Holocaust tribute) (1977); Twilight Symphony (1974)




CD118: Chamber Music
Sonata Guernica (1974; violin and piano); The Flames of Abracadabra (1976; piano quartet); Tunnels of Love (1969; jazz concerto)




CD119: Orchestral Music, Vol. 6
Fantasy Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (1976, rev. 1995)




CD120: Orchestral Music, Vol. 7
Three Faces of Electra (1995); Rhapsody for Guitar and Orchestra (1980)




CD121: Orchestral Music, Vol. 8
Fourth Symphony (1955); Little Symphony (1952)




CD122: Orchestral Music, Vol. 9
Symphonic Odyssey (1990); Quasar Symphony (1996); Sound Phantoms #8 (1980)




CD123: Guitar Music (Echoes from Barcelona)
Strumming (1988); Poetics #3 (1982); Through a Glass Darkly (1988); Echoes from Barcelona (1975–77); Exordium (1988)




CD124: Orchestral Music, Vol. 10
Poetics #9 (1983); Concerto for Four Guitars and Orchestra (1998); Symphony for Six (1984)




CD125: Orchestral Music, Vol. 11
Winter Symphony (1997); Concerto Brevis (1998; flute concerto)




CD126: New Tunes on Jazz Elements
Jazz Quartet (1963; string quartet); Sonata on Jazz Elements (1958; piano); Moonfingers Demon (1997; chamber orch)




CD127: A Faust Concerto (1997; horn concerto) / Among the Windy Places (1994; trio)




CD129: Moon Music 2000
A Soul for the Moon (1990); Moonflowers, Baby! (1986); Lunar Arcana (1947); A Crucible for the Moon (1986)




CD130: Orchestral Music, Vol. 12
Tinker Hill (1999); Lunar Symphony (1998)




CD131: Orchestral Music, Vol. 13
Flight Alone (1976, rev. 1995); Speculum Symphony (1999)




CD132: O North Star [chamber music]
Four Constellations (1974); O North Star (1997); Dovely Duo (1998); Strata (1997)




CD133: Orchestral Music, Vol. 14 — 2 CD set
Elegy for the Vanished (1998; guitar concerto); Icon Symphony (2000); Double Concerto (1991, rev. 2000; two clarinet concerto); Brass Quintet (1970); Chamber Concerto (1955)



CD134: Orchestral Music, Vol. 15 — 2 CD set
Violin Concerto: The Voyager (2001); New Space (1998; trio); Quantum Symphony (2000); Third Piano Concerto: Foxfire (1999); Sonata Occulta (1979; piano)




CD135: Orchestral Music, Vol. 16 — 2 CD set
Tuba Concerto (1982, rev. 2002); Going Home ’94 (1994; guitar quartet); Into the Breach (2002); Percussion Symphony, “On Tibet and Tiananmen Square (1997); Structures (2001)



CD136: Orchestral Music, Vol. 17
Invisible Borders (2003); When the Air Moves… (2003); And Five Quartets (Symphony for Strings) (1986)





Music of Other Composers

CD106: Samuel Baron Plays the Flute Sonatas of J. S. Bach
with Gerald Ranck, harpsichord and Timothy Eddy, cello
(six flute sonatas: BWV 1031-1035)




CD116: Images Chamber and Orchestral Music of Eleanor Cory
Pas de Quatre (1994; flute, violin, cello, piano); Canyons (1993; orchestra); Ehre (1993; violin); Hemispheres (1989; cello and piano)


CD137: Legends in the Garden Organ Music by Thomas Åberg [Carson Cooman, organist]

Digital download



CD138: Night Scenes from the Ospedale [The Sebastians]

Music by Antonio Vivaldi and Robert Honstein

Digital download


CD139: Organ Music by James Woodman [Erik Simmons, organist]

Digital download



CD140: the Sebastians a 2: Virtuoso Music of the Holy Roman Empire [The Sebastians]

Daniel S. Lee, violin
Jeffrey Grossman, harpsichord

Digital download (forthcoming)

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